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Mrs Pavlov BAKERY

Delivered / 2023.07
Client / Pavlov
Location / Yokohama ,Kanagawa ,Japan

Photographer / Kenichi Muramatsu

「パリのパティスリー」をコンセプトとした「パティスリーパブロフ」から新たに誕生したクロワッサン専門ベーカリー「ミセスパブロフベーカリー」の1号店の店舗デザイン。お店は横浜中華街の路地裏にある北向きの1F店舗。「パン屋は地元に愛されてこそ」という施主の思いがありファサードから見える佇まいが重要と考えた。13坪ほどのお店にカウンターとパンのみのシンプルな構成。スタッフ導線とお客様導線が混じることなく 且つスムーズに回遊できるようにカウンターを「ハの字」形状とし入店時の奥行感も感じながら来客をもてなす。「パティスリーパブロフ」の特徴も継承しつつ 異なる新しいデザインコードが求められた。ブランドコンセプトの「パリジェンヌ」を意識しながらもエフォートレスに感じられる様に 壁面はオリジナルのグレーで染色したオークのリブ材と目線より上面は健康的な血色感をローズピンクのグラデーションで表現した。また 柔らかい間接光を入れることで さらに奥ゆかしさも加わり より商品を際立たせる効果をねらった。ガラス越しに見える色鮮やかなクロワッサンが何倍にも美味しそうに見え さらに一体感もある新しい「パブロフ」の世界観が表現された空間となった。

The interior design of the first shop of Mrs Pavlov's Bakery, born out of Patisserie Pavlov which concept was originally derived from a Parisian pastry shop.

The shop is located on the north-facing first-floor in a back alley.

We always had pictured that a bakery should be loved by the local people, which made us believe that it would be important for this shop to look appealing and charming when viewed from the street.

The shop is about 43 sqm. and consists only of a counter displaying pastries.

The counter is shaped like the letter ‘C in order to ensure the well organised flow of the shop staff and customers in the small space, whilst also providing an inviting atmosphere.

One of the challenges we faced was that we were asked to come up with a completely new and different design whilst keeping the characteristics of Patisserie Pavlov.

The walls are made of grey-tinted wooden ribs, with a rose-pink gradient painting effect to create a healthy, lively look. The soft indirect light is effectively used to add a sense of depth and highlight the pastries. We chose these elements in order to give the space a feel of Paris in an effortless way.

Each interior design element contributes to making the colourful croissants seen through the glass widnows look many times more delicious.

Overall, the space represents a new expression of the world of Pavlov.

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