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Delivered / 2023.11
Client / AcuteAccent
Location / Meguro
 ,Tokyo ,Japan

Photographer / mitograph

Perfume bottle seriesなど、独自の着眼点でデザインアイデアを効かせた、遊び心溢れるジュエリーブランドの旗艦店。これまではPOP-UPや卸しをメインに展開してきたが ’’お客様の拠り所になりたい’’ という思いのもと計画がスタートしました。この空間では「わくわくする」「洗練された緊張感」「プレゼントするときの’’たくらむ’’気持ち」をコンセプトとして 素材感やディテールを詰めていきました。物件自体が住居仕様のため、契約上、壁や床、天井に一切固定ができないという制約の中で、いかに店舗として成立させるかが重要なポイントとなりました。



The flagship shop of AcuteAccent, a jewellery brand that offers playful designs born out of their unique ideas. Until the opening of the flagship shop, the brand mainly focused on their business through pop-up shops and wholesales, though their desire to create a place for their customers initiated the plan to open their very first shop.


We put together our ideas of materials and design details to make sure that the space would reflect feelings of excitement, sophistication, tenseness, and planning a surprise present for someone. The challenge was to make the space work as a shop when the space was in a residential building, making it not possible for us to fix anything to the floors, walls, and ceiling.


We selected the type of floor tiles with non-slip treatment applied on the back and placed these on the existing floors without using any type of glue. The showcases along the walls are freestanding, and for these, we applied a plastered finish to the surface where we wanted to appear as a wall, and a painted finish on wooden surfaces where we wanted the look as furniture. This technique of controlling the finishes enabled us to create a space that does not look “temporary” under such restricted condition in construction.


The thick acrylic panels provide a sense of stateliness, simplicity, and coolness, creating tense yet pleasant ambience. For the furniture pieces, we selected ones with a modern touch and interesting design details.


We hope that the shop becomes a communication hub for their customers.

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